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What is Ashes of Creation?

Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG set in a world of high fantasy where player’s choices will shape and define the world around them. Ashes of Creation is a unique take on the MMO experience. Our world structure is dynamic and built to react to the actions of our players. Cities will rise and fall, their populations based on the history of the world as the players create it. Quests will unlock as these populations gather, their needs grow, and secrets are unlocked. As the world’s NPC structure is established in real time, players will have the ability to destroy what they’ve created, paving the way for new development, new populations, and real change. Political strife and intrigue will play a very real role in the structure of your world. Gone are the days of static worlds, change is here to stay.

What is Ashes Academy?

Ashes Academy is a community-driven resource made by players for the players. We will keep you up to date on the general aspects of the game. After Ashes of Creation launches, the main focus will be connecting the players no matter which server you are on. This site is built to host a plethora of content made by fellow players. This content can range from builds for each class to artisan guides, in-game creations such as free freeholds, mounts, screenshots of the world or characters and so much more! Please join us on discord and start connecting today.